Bubble Banner / Pin-Point Banner

The New Generation of double sided self standing banners is here! 


Two Great Double sided Shapes and multiple bases for all terrains and attachments!


2 appealing shapes make the Bubble Banners ® Ideal solutions for sidewalk traffic stoppers, sponsorship and advertising displays, outdoor sports events like golf, football, beach and snow events!


To adapt the Bubble Banners® to all environments, we are providing multiple bases with rotating axle..  It can go everywhere!


The Bubble Banners® are made from quality sturdy aluminum, stainless steel and aircraft grade carbon rods guaranteed 1 year.  They pack compact to travel with ease. 


Printing is done via Digital Dye or Screen printed on  durable double sided canvas or 13 oz Vinyl. 

A-FORMAT: 28" W x 43" H / 57" Tall on base // 70 cm W x 110 cm H / 145 cm Tall before base

B-FORMAT: 35" W x 36" H & 48" Tall on base // 88 cm W x 93 cm H, 122 cm Tall before base