How to Select Wing Flags:

  1. Pick a Shape
  2. Single or Double Sided
  3. Select a Height
  4. Select a Base & Accessories

Wing Banner Flags

Wing Banner Flags have become the most popular, dynamic, and effective advertising medium for advertising and branding. 


- Always in motion to get attention even from afar; they are so easy to install and transport.  Ideal for weddings, TV shows, point of sale, trade shows, street marketing, and to support your favorite teams. 

- 6' to 22' tall options and multiple finish & shapes.
- Multiple interchangeable bases for all environments.
- Aviation grade carbon fiber & aluminum poles.
- Single or Double sided prints.
- Indoor & Outdoor usage.
- Rotate with the wind to get attention and extend longevity + avoids wrap around pole.
- Easy to transport & install.
- Reusable hardware & recyclable fabric.
- No minimum order requirements.
- Printing is done digitally or via screen dyes.

1. Shapes:

2. Single or Double Side: 

  • Single Sided or Single Reverse will have the image viewed in reverse on the back.
  • Double Sided is viewed correctly on both sides by applying two prints back to back.

3. Select Bases & Accessories: