Fab’ Tube Clear Protective Screen

This Free-standing transparent wall creates a perfect protective screen.

Great for separations in hair salons and other areas where close proximity is an issue.

Enhance customer and employee safety.


  • Windows can easily be cut in.
  • Ask us about Custom marking.
  • Easy to transport.
  • A pass-through section can be cut out.
  • Can also be used as a printed graphic display wall.
  • Multiple sizes available

 Sold as a Kit

- White Fabric, White PVC or Transparent Soft PVC Screen

- Structure & Carry Bag

Sizes & Prices

FAB 24” x 7.5’

FAB 36” x 7.5’

FAB 48” x 7.5’

FAB 60” x 7.5’

- Quantity Discounts Available

- Custom Printing on Quote


This 16 Mil thick PVC Film is the same used in Soft boat and Jeep windows, party tents, industrial applications. 

UV Resistant as well as Fire Rated.

Extremely resistant, washable with multiple disinfectant solutions and wrinkle resistant.