Taxi, Uber, Lyft, Van Sneeze Guard

This 54” x 30” Shield is the Ideal Solution to protect drivers and passengers in public vehicles!!!


Our Premium Flexible Polished Clear 2 mil PVC

Film is a tested durable solution with 100% clarity and Easy to Wash.


. US Made & Fast Ship

. Ultra Clear Double Polished

. Excellent Clarity

. Does not wrinkle

. Soft Hand but will not tear

. 1000 hours UV rated

. Easy Install - Fits most vehicles

. Can be cut to adjust to vehicle space


This 16 Mil thick PVC Film is the same used in Soft boat and Jeep windows, party tents, industrial applications. 

UV Resistant as well as Fire Rated.

Extremely resistant, washable with multiple disinfectant solutions and wrinkle resistant.